We are Development Partner

As an independent partner we develop land and property projects that contribute to both a higher quality of life and a more sustainable, sensible society.

Starting with identifying developable projects, we work all along the value chain, from planning through construction, in roles such as project leader, project manager, and consulting advisor. Being an independent partner allows us to remain focused on the end goal throughout the entire process.

We also develop our own projects and participate as invested partners in joint ventures. 


Property development: taking advantage of the opportunities

Planning: realizing the potential

Project management: ensuring a smooth process

Infrastructure: the fundamental systems society is built on

Property law and surveying: advising and due diligence for real estate transactions

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We’re looking for land and projects

We’re looking for you if:

– You have land to sell that we can develop.

– You’re looking for a partner for a joint land acquisition, a land option, or a development permit application.

– You want to collaborate on a joint venture with us. Please contact Henrik Andersson

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Varberg Västerport

Solution for challenging triangle plot

South Änggården

Independent coach in city development


Adding value to land outside the zoning plan

Case studies: what we’ve done

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