Contract solution with a shared vision resolved a long-standing conflict

For ten years the town of Lerum has tried to find a solution that would allow for the development of the vacant land along Lake Aspen, where there was space enough for 500 housing units. The challenge was that there were three different owners of the land and one developer, Wallenstam, had been granted a permit to build rental apartments on it. The other developers, Skanska and HSB, together owned some vacant land in the middle of the area and the town owned the land that surrounded it.

We proposed a contractual solution that involved the landless developer buying shares in the other developers’ land, but more importantly involved creating a shared project for all sides. It was based on a common vision for the entire area and regulated the density of all the participants from start to finish. The area is now known as Aspen Beach.

The benefit to society is obvious for the town, which finally has its attractive new lakeside residential neighborhood. At the same time, our solution has provided added value for Skanska and HSB, who were able to develop their land holdings, and for Wallenstam, who were able to expand their portfolio of properties