Increased value for a block in the heart of the city

On behalf of: SEB Trygg Liv

Our role: Property developer

The block known as Göta Canal adjoins the stately avenue Östra Hamngatan on one side, owned by the banking and insurance giant SEB Trygg Liv. When the building’s tenant, the Gothenburg Police, moved out, the property owner was suddenly confronted with the opportunity to rethink the entire block.

We took on the challenge and came up with a scheme that would increase the leaseable area, improve the flexibility of the commercial spaces to allow for more tenants, and thereby increase the value of the property. In short, the scheme created rental apartments on one side of the block and expanded the commercial spaces that formed a U shape around on the other side facing Östra Hamngatan. We added a new building volume to the center of the block, linking the ends of the U together to give the commercial side a more contiguous floor plan and make it possible to divide up the space in a variety of ways depending on the tenant.