A development project that will put Gothenburg’s Central Station on the map

On behalf of: Jernhusen

Our role: Project Manager, Project Leader and Coordinator.

Soon, new environments and buildings at Central Station in Gothenburg will begin to take shape. The central station drives the development to meet the needs of a rapidly growing city. Close to public transport, a new district is being created which will be a meeting point for the entire region. So that more people throughout Western Sweden can travel, work and live more sustainably.

We are humbled by the task of realising this vision together with Jernhusen. Our employees today work within several work groups with roles such as project manager, project leader and coordinator. So far, the work has involved responsibility for land acquisition, procurement of a joint contractor, preliminary studies in: foundation, residential, office and hotel cases, logistics coordination and not least management of the implementation study of public space with the city’s administrations.

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Photo: Jernhusen AB