Realization of Ideas

At Development Partner we generate development ideas, develop properties, and can manage the entire project. We work both independently and in collaboration with partners.

We are an independent partner that focuses on two mutually supportive business pillars:
Development—we develop profitable project ideas that satisfy the long-term needs and values of the stakeholders as well as the broader society.
Management—we develop processes to ensure that we achieve the goals we’ve established and that the path to success is as efficient as possible.

Read further down this page about our process models and the roles we play.

As a partner we can bring to the project a feasible business plan and take responsibility for its execution. The value-added chain can span from project idea to final inspection. We assume overall responsibility for the project and act as an independent coordinator between the property’s owner and investors and the other partners who are needed to complete the project.

Three Questions
Before we get started with the process of developing a property, we ask ourselves three questions:

Our proprietary process models establish a more structured process

Dp Backcasting™

Backcasting is a successful way to approach the future. This planning method is primarily useful with complex issues. The fundamental question that DP BackcastingTM asks is:
What do we need to do today to make our vision possible tomorrow?
It begins by keeping that vision in mind—by looking back from that vision to the present.
We take one step at a time toward the vision, thinking all the way, “What can I do now to reach this vision?”

DP Stakeholder DialogueTM

We strive to create value for all the involved stakeholders. To help us formulate goals and frame the project we have developed a dialogue method. It is based on the stakeholders’ needs and demands and on the characteristics and potential of the site. As the leader of the process we have a comprehensive view, and with an active dialogue we have the ability to bring out things no one else has thought of. The framing of the project might be expanded, a shared vision established, and the resulting value elevated.


We are coaches for various participants over the course of the project, and ensure that their resources are used in the right way. Our independence is an asset because our loyalty is to the ultimate goal of the project—to maximize the value and optimize the use of resources along the way.

We can also serve as advisors who provide a number of separate services. Our integrity is important to us, so we always say what we think, even though it’s not always what the client expects us to say.

The ability to make changes is greatest in the early stages of a project. We can give you a second opinion about your project. We’ll consider the whole of the project, the intended use of the property and its role in the surrounding community, the added value, and even the development process. We don’t just point out details, but can also propose an entirely new vision that leads to a better deal.

We can also help in a more limited way: as a client or tenant representative, in the acquisition of land or property (due diligence, zoning changes, land allocation agreements, etc.), project management, bidding and negotiations, or technical analysis and administration.


We’ve developed our own process models to ensure a structured and comprehensive approach.