We know what we’re doing
and we do it well

Expertise x experience x determination.

Expertise and experience mean nothing if you don’t have the determination, and for us that’s synonymous with being proactive. We also have the determination to ensure the quality of the whole project—to ensure the added value in the finished product and the total cost along the way.

You can read more further down the page about getting involved and about our partners.

Development Partner 09 AB, organization number 556740-9858, was founded in 2009.
The principal owners are Martin Anderberg, Mikael Fjällglim, and Yngve Karlsson, and every employee is a part owner. The company is based in Gothenburg, with eleven employees and annual revenues in 2019 of about 30 million SEK (3 million euros).







“At Development Partner we create ideas and we know what we want:
to be the best partner in the industry.”

Getting Involved with Development Partner

Our business idea is that all of our team members’ experience and expertise taken together can be leveraged to elevate a business deal.

All of our work is founded on good judgment and consciously chosen values: holistic view, curiosity, simplicity, respect, and generosity. These values infuse everything we do, from our initial analysis and formulation of goals to the development process itself.

Internally, curiosity means that we see the surrounding world with open eyes. Once a year we look at a new place in order to satisfy a part of that curiosity by discovering new and other solutions in our own field of well developed properties. In recent years we’ve traveled together to places like Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Bratislava, Vienna and Milano.

A holistic view, simplicity, and respect form the basis for a few strategy-building days we spend out of town together every spring and fall. It’s a time to come together and discuss the direction we want to be moving in going forward. But of course we also spend time talking about what’s most important in life, conversations over a meal we cook together about what makes life worth living.

Generosity means that we are open and communicative in sharing our feelings.

Everyone on our team has an opportunity to develop their expertise in an area of their chosing through four or five days of continuing education on work time. Employees are also offered the chance to be part owners in the company, which all of our current team members have done.

Our Partner Scius

Development Partner collaborates with Scius, a collaborative partner for international and Nordic investers who invest in real estate markets in the Nordic region. Read more at scius.se