Advice in the acquisition and negotiation process

On behalf of: PFA Bostad
Our role: Advisor, Representative of the developer, project manager

350 rental apartments and business premises on the ground floor in central Kungsbacka which are being built by Magnolia/Bergman & Höök on behalf of PFA Bostad. PFA Bostad is part of the Danish pension company PFA, one of Denmark’s largest pension companies that owns residential properties valued at approximately SEK 27 billion.

Lindens Park, Kungsbacka

Lindens Park is a turnkey residential project developed and subsequently sold by Magnolia. Development Partners’ mission initially consisted of assisting the buyer, PFA Bostad, with technical and contractual due diligence in the acquisition and negotiation process. After completed acquisition of the project, the assignment continued where we are responsible for monitoring PFA Bostad’s interests in the construction of the project to ensure that the seller and the contractor live up to the agreed delivery. We participate in contract party meetings, planning meetings and construction meetings to ensure occupancy in the year 2024. We also run the work on developing concepts for the business premises.

At the same time, we are having discussions with PFA about more projects, where we also contribute by monitoring interesting projects.