HSB Dela

Cocreator of the HSB Share concept, a new model in owning a condominium

On behalf of: HSB
Our role: Concept

At present, the financial restrictions and thus the weak interest in expensive newly produced rental apartments have contributed to neither the public utility nor the pension capital having the conditions to increase the construction of rental housing.
Both HSB and we thought this must be changeable. Through many years of collaboration with HSB Gothenburg, we had the opportunity to participate and test the idea of ​​how a condominium can be made more affordable. To the delight of those who have so far had difficulty establishing themselves in the housing market, HSB has now launched the idea. The concept is now spreading to other metropolitan regions in Sweden.

As HSB says:

HSB wants to help young adults to enter the housing market and therefore launches HSB Share with a pilot project in Lindholmshamnen in Gothenburg.
With HSB Share, HSB creates a new model for owning a condominium. HSB buys 50 percent and you 50 percent. This means that you as a buyer pay 50 percent of the condominium price and enter into a co-ownership agreement with HSB. The co-ownership agreement is limited in time and is valid for ten years. The investment currently covers a limited number of condominiums in the form of ones and twos.

Pilotprojektet brf Blanka i Göteborg är nu fulltecknat

HSB Dela inleds med ett pilotprojekt där HSBs unga bosparare bjudits in att anmäla intresse på totalt 23 mindre lägenheter med centralt läge vid vattnet på Lindholmen i Göteborg.
Intresset har varit stort och pilotprojektet är fulltecknat. HSB tittar nu på att utveckla satsningen för att i framtiden kunna erbjuda fler unga ett delägt boende. Håll dig uppdaterad för löpande information om pilotprojektet här på hsb.se/dela.

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