A new neighborhood in Mölnlycke

On behalf of: Joint venture med Kålltorps Bygg och Kjellgren Kaminsky arkitekter
Our role: Project management

Together with our partners Kålltorps Bygg (construction) and Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture, and in collaboration with Tornstaden (construction) and Grandab (property management), we have recently applied for the development rights to Haga Village, a development of about 550 housing units (apartments and row houses) that is planned for just north of downtown Mölnlycke.

In our application we address potential challenges, including traffic noise, which we can eliminate through smart siting of the buildings, and exposed power lines, which we can bury to free up property.

We thereby increase the value for property owners in the adjacent as-yet unplanned area. Mölnlycke benefits from population growth and more compact development that strengthens downtown business.

HSB has acquired the building right for about 200 homes and start of onstruction is expected in 2022-2024.