A site that scared many away

On behalf of: Joint venture with Kjellgren Kaminsky arkitekter
Our role: Concerpt of property development, project management

Gothenburg’s Lagerström Place is currently occupied by a parking structure with undeveloped land to the east. The site has scared many away, but we realized its potential in 2010. By working with our Three Questions, we were able to take advantage of that potential and envision a scheme that, like a Kinder Egg, offers three surprises:

-New centrally located housing for students and other cities,
-An improved neighborhood environment with the addition of a lively new development and more local amenities for residents of the surrounding area, and
-A positive contribution to the citizenry of the city.

Development Partners’ Stakeholder Dialogue and Backcasting models have brought structure to the development process.

We addressed what was seen as a major hurdle for the project: security—the proximity to the city’s southbound trunk railway and highway, with their noise and air pollution. By conducting a throrough analysis of the existing conditions, we were able to not only overcome that hurdle but enhance the surrounding neighborhood.

We also helped resolve the parking issue by viewing the adjacent rocky hillside as an opportunity rather than a problem—the parking was simply relocated to a space excavated from the bedrock. We also took on the construction process and achieved a smart phased solution.

Rikshem is one of the larger players in the real estate market nationally but had not yet been well established in the Gothenburg region. Collaborating with us gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their strength and approach, and they applied for a land allocation agreement in 2014.