Independent coach in city development

Södra Änggården between Änggårdsbergen and Dag Hammarskjöld’s highway is a coming neighborhood in Gothenburg which will consist of approximately 1,900 apartments, kindergarten, 1st-9th grade school, community services, parking etc etc. spreading over 20 blocks. The urban development project takes place in a collaborative organization that today consists of six different constructors. The challenges are therefore several to reach the stated vision for the new district; “A more beautiful way of city living” To enable reaching the vision, we have the role of a neutral coach with the task of constantly coordinate and coach all parties based on a holistic approach. Our team is, among other things, responsible for implementing planning and budget, keep an overview, be proactive in order to manage risks in time, keep all parties informed and ensure that decisions are approved by all parties. We look to remove the drama by conducting a transparent process.